How can I predict my kid’s height? Is it important?

  • Documenting height of your child is an important parameter to help monitor their development.

  • Measurements of height and weight needs to be done regularly (at least every 3 months in first few years).

  • If measured by your doctor, the values are plotted in a standard graph called ‘growth chart.’


How do I take my child’s height correctly?

  • Ask the child to stand( no footwear) against a wall with the heel( Back of foot) and the back of head touching the wall.

  • Ask the child to look straight

  • Place a book on the head and mark the point

  • Move the child and then measure from the mark to the ground.

  • Keep this record for future use


How can I predict my child’s adult height?

Final height is predicted by a calculation as below.


In Boys,

  • Father height ( in centimeters ) + Mother height (cm)    /   2 + 7 =    Final height.

In Girls,

  • Father height( in centimeter) + Mother height (cm)       /     2 – 7 =    Final height


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