About Paediatricks

Paediatricks is the brainchild of a highly experienced Paediatrician currently practicing in the UK. Our team consists of experienced paediatricians from all over the globe whose sole aim is to empower Paediatricians and Parents worldwide with the right information, thereby ensuring timely treatment for their little ones.

The Paediatricks project is designed as a one stop solution for all your paediatric, nursing and parental needs. The app has specific and useful information for Doctors, Nurses and Parents.

Use our handy app to get any medical or child health related information at your fingertips.
For paediatricians, the app contains numerous drug dosage and emergency calculators. It also comes equipped with an NICU section, with information on Resus, Jaundice, Apgar, Ventilation and Immunization and other growth charts.

Nurses have a wealth of quick calculators ranging from basic drug calculation, infusion rate, weight related doses and much more. You can also quickly lookup common health issues in children by browsing through our up to date Articles section.

Parents can quickly look up on common health conditions in children and know when to consult a doctor or get advice on managing symptoms efficiently at home.

We update our website constantly with the latest childcare, blogs, videos and more!

Disclaimer-This app intends to be a resource for reference and to help a pediatrician or parent swiftly determine the best courses of action. We have taken utmost care to ensure that information contained here is accurate. However, paediatricks does not take any responsibility for any adverse consequences resulting from using the app for medical treatment and diagnosis.

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