Umbilical cord in the baby after birth starts getting dry and then falls off by itself by 1 or 2 weeks .

The belly button should be dry and painless to touch.

But in certain babies, the belly button can have a growth of pink colour lump with some discharge of clear or yellow fluid. This is called granuloma


What are the problems with granuloma formation?

This as such is harmless, but occasionally it can get infected and cause problems in baby.

Some parents may find it annoying to see the yellow fluid discharge from the bell button.


What is the treatment for this?

This condition can be controlled by cleaning the belly button with clean alcohol swab repeatedly during the day to keep the area dry. You can get alcohol swabs from your chemist.

If persistent, then the doctor will treat by applying silver nitrate over the surface to cauterise the area .

If it persists beyond this, then you may have to see a surgeon .



If your baby’s belly button is showing signs of an infection such as redness of the surrounding skin or offensive smell and discharge, or your baby has a fever contact your doctor immediately.


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