Children with chronic debilitating condition may need regular hygiene. This can be done by giving a bath or by wet spongin


  • Wash bowl, warm water
  • Sponge
  • Comb/ Brush/ Scissors/ Nail clippers
  • Oral hygiene equipment
  • Bath towels
  • Clean clothes
Before the procedure always explain it to the patients and the carers and take consent.
Ask the patient if any acute pain and concerns which help you understand where to be careful
Get your equipment ready
Clear the area of any obstacle
Draw the curtains and allow privacy
Complete the brushing of teeth, clip the nails and move to the next step.
Offer the child bedpan or urinal before the procedure
Wash your hands and wear gloves and apron
Place a rubber sheet or waterproof sheet beneath the child to avoid wetting the bed.
Help the child to remove the old clothes and cover the child with bath towels
Remember – its easier to  clean the child from face downwards and clean the front of the body followed by cleaning the backside
Encourage the child to rinse the face with warm water in the bowl.
In case they are unable you could use a sponge to wipe the face. Followed by an application of soap.
Rinse the face or wipe with a wet sponge
Dry the face with a clean towel and then focus on the neck and chest.
Do a similar procedure before moving down to the abdomen.
Always dry the area with a clean towel before going to the next area.
Repeatedly change the water in the bowl if needed
Once after the abdomen, you could ask the child if they want to clean the genitalia themselves. If they are unable to do it, you can help them clean followed by bathing the lower limbs
Once you have cleaned and dried the front part of the body, ask the child to roll on to the side and quickly clean the back.
Remember in cases of trauma, postoperative and severe localised pain, you may need helpers with you
After drying the child, place him on a new set of blankets.
Document in the notes.
Remember to keep the room warm to avoid patient suffering from cold.

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