Purpose of bed making

  • To help the patient feel comfortable and decrease pathogens in the environment
  • To maintain Clean, dry and crease free linens helps reduce skin conditions like ulcers

Necessary equipment

  • Bottom sheet
  • Mackintosh
  • Draw sheet
  • Top sheet
  • Blanket
  • Pillow with cover
  • Laundry bag
  • Dusters
  • Bowl with an antiseptic solution
  • Kidney tray
  • Helpers

The frequency of bed change

  • Generally after the patient’s bath or every morning
  • Changed more frequently if the bedding is soiled


Open bed- Where inpatient has occupied the bed. Here the Bedsheet covers only the lower foot end so that the patient can get into the covers easily
Closed bed- Where the patient has been assigned the bed. Here the bedsheet covers the bed from head end to foot end


Making an unoccupied bed

  • Keep all required articles near to the unit
  • Explain the procedure and make the patient sit on the chair comfortably
  • Wash your hands

To make a closed bed, the top covers are pulled up to the head end of the bed over the bottom covers. A pillow is placed over the head end and is covered by the bed sheet

To make an open bed, The top covers are fan folded to the foot of the bed so that the patient can get into the bed easily
After making the bed, it is important to make sure the linens are stretched, firmly tucked under the mattress without any wrinkles to help reduce the formation of pressure ulcers

Making an occupied bed

  • When the bed has been occupied by a patient, it is important to change the bed sheets as quickly as possible making sure the patient is disturbed minimally
  • You can always ask a coworker to assist
  • Make sure all precautions are taken to minimally disturb the patient especially the ones with chronic debilitating condition and trauma

Getting a patient into the bed

The Bed sheet has to be folded downwards towards the foot end so that the patient can easily put their feet first and then spread the bed sheet over them


  • Help the client to get into the ed
  • Replace the comfort devices used
  • Make sure the whole unit is clean and tidy before you leave
  • Send the laundry bag with soiled linen to laundry
  • Wash your hands
  • Record the procedure

Making a mitred corner

  • Spread the bed sheet over the mattress with the corner bed sheet hanging from the edges of the mattress
  • At about 5 inches from the edge, hold the bed sheet and pull it over the mattress so that it forms a triangle
  • Now tuck the hanging bed sheet under the mattress
  • You will now see that the triangle is more prominent
  • Now holding the tip of the triangle, pull it downwards and tuck it under the mattress

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