• Remove rings, bracelet, and watch

  • Roll up sleeves

  • Cover cuts and abrasions on hands with waterproof dressing

  • Remove nail varnish, artificial nails. Make sure you cut nails regularly

  • Hands that are visibly soiled with dirt or organic matter should be washed with liquid soap and running warm water



  • Turn on the taps using wrist or the elbow. Run the water at a flow that prevents water splashing

  • Use warm/ hot water to wash hands as soap effect is better in breaking dirt down when used with hot/warm water

  • Make sure all the surface of hands is wet including the wrist and occasionally elbow if required.

  • Apply liquid soap to all surfaces of the wet area.

  • Rub hands together for minimum of 15 seconds with attention to areas in-between fingers, wrist and thumb

  • Wash the hands with the continued running warm water.

  • Make sure not to touch anything else with your hands

  • Dry hand thoroughly with good quality disposable paper towel from a dispenser

  • Dispose of used paper in foot operated bin. Make sure not to touch anything with your clean hands



  • Visibly clean hands can be cleaned with alcoholic hand solutions

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the amount of hand rub to be used

  • Rub the alcoholic hand rub to all areas of the hands until the hands are dry

  • Make sure not to touch anything else with your clean hands


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