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  • Hypotonia
  • Speech
    • Dysarthria and slowing of speech with slurring and stuttering
  • Knee jerk
    • The knee jerk is pendular and on elicitation of the reflex, there are more than 3 pendular movements
  • Tremor
    • The child may have intentional tremor. Finger test can show this effect
  • Dysmetria
    • On finger nose finger test, the child may overestimate the target.
  • Dysdiadochokinesia
    • Rapid and repeated movements are difficult
    • Ask the child to Place the palms of both hands over one another. Now request to supinate and pronate the upper lying palm repeatedly.
    • Ask the child to extend his hands such that the palms are facing the roof. You may notice unsteadiness in the palms
  • Rebound phenomenon
    • With the hands extended, give a quick push to the palms downwards, the child overestimates the position and overshoots it.
  • Gait
    • Ask the patient to walk. You may notice wide-legged gait
    • Ask the patient to walk in a straight line with feet one behind the other. The child may sway or fall. Be ready to hold the child while during this test

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