• This is very common posture especially after feeding to burp the child

  • Always remember that babies less than 6-8 months have floppy back so it’s very important to support the back.



  • Stand on the side of the baby

  • Make sure you look around and see if it’s safe

  • Remember never panic when carrying a baby. Have a firm grip

  • Slide one of your hand under the infant’s shoulders and neck and spread your fingers to support the head.

  • Now slide your other hand in between the two legs towards their bottom and grip.

  • The baby should completely lie on your arm

  • Now lift the baby and move them closer to your shoulder with their face towards your shoulder.

  • Stabilise the bottom with one of your hand and the other to stabilise the head and back.

  • Babies Less than 3 months tend to have a wobbly head as their neck muscles are still weak. So be careful


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