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Remember- the milk in the bottle needs to be warmed to room temperature or an acceptable warm temperature before feeding especially if it was stored in the fridge.

  • You can check the temperature by putting a few drops on your wrist

  • To feed the child first carry the baby on your non-dominant hand such that the child’s head is towards your shoulder and the baby’s thigh/bottom is firmly grasped by the fingers of the same hand.

  • This causes the baby to be upright during the feed

  • Gently introduce the teat into the baby’s mouth, once they feel it, they will open their lips and allow to introduce the whole teat.

  • If they do not open then try to stimulate the cheeks by rubbing them gently.

  • You can also drip a few drops of milk onto the lips to see if they open their mouth.

  • Always tilt the bottle in a position to fill the teat with milk fully and then introduce it into the baby.

  • If teat has air in it, then the air will be sucked by the baby.

  • During the feeds, halfway through, keep the bottle aside and wind the baby by taking them on your shoulder and patting the back gently from downwards up.

Remember – some babies may not burp.

  • Do this for at least 10 min and then resume feed.

  • Feed the baby as much as they like or as they have been instructed.

  • Wind the baby again after the complete feed.

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