Sterile catheter pack with following-

  • Gallipot/ receiver.
  • Swabs and Disposable towels
  • Disposable pad
  • Sterile gloves
  • Appropriate catheter
  • Sterile aesthetic lubrication jelly
  • Specimen container
  • 0.9% sodium chloride solution
  • Alcohol rub
  • Hypoallergenic tape
  • Sterile water
  • Syringe
  • Plastic apron
  • Drainage bag



  • Explain the procedure to the patient and the parents
  • Get the child in the supine position with legs extended
  • Wash hands with bactericidal soap and water
  • Put on the disposable apron
  • Prepare the trolley to patients bedside
  • Open the outer cover of catheterisation pack
  • Using aseptic technique, open the supplementary pack
  • Place the disposable pad under patients buttocks
  • Clean hands again with bactericidal hand rub
  • Put on sterile gloves


  • Place sterile towels across patients thighs.
  • Place sterile towels across patients thighs
  • Separate the labia minora so that the urethral meatus is seen. Use one hand to maintain labial separation until catheterization is completed
  • Clean around the urethral orifice  with 0.9% saline
  • Insert the lubricating jelly in the urethra. Allow 5 min for the jelly to act
  • Place the catheter in the receiver between the patient’s legs
  • Introduce the tip of the catheter into the urethral orifice in an upward and backward direction .
  • Push gently until backflow of urine is seen in the catheter
  • If the catheter has a cuff, insert air into it with the help of a syringe( generally the amount of air is 3 or 5 ml, as per the instruction on the catheter)


  • Document in the notes
  • Discard the instruments
  • Send samples after labelling them

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