• The medications that children take is first broken down to active compounds and absorbed in the stomach and intestines. Eventually they are removed from body by the kidney.


  • These medications are effective when they are in the right concentrations. Remember that is why different medications are taken at different time. Ex fever medications(paracetamol) is taken every 6 hours to maintain correct level, whereas this antibiotic- azithromycin is taken once a day.


  • These chemical if in high dose can affect the kidneys. Hence if there is a partially functioning kidney, the effect is higher.


  • These medications given below are known to cause kidney problems in particular. If the child is admitted in hospital, they can occasionally do blood test to check its levels.


  • In patients with kidney problems, the dose may be adjusted either by increasing the duration between the doses or reduce the total dose itself.


  • Medications that could be dangerous to kidneys. Always tell your doctor if your child has kidney problems. Given below are the chemical name and are just a few of the many medications



  1. Acyclovir
  2. Amikacin
  3. Amoxicillin
  4. Amphotericin B
  5. Ampicillin
  6. Aztreonam
  7. Cefaclor
  8. Cefadroxil
  9. Cefazolin
  10. Cefepime
  11. Cefixime
  12. Cefotaxime
  13. Cefoxitin
  14. Cefpodoxime
  15. Ceftazidime
  16. Cefuroxime
  17. Cephalexin
  18. Gentamicin
  19. Imipenem
  20. Kanamycin
  21. Lamivudine
  22. Levofloxacin
  23. Meropenem
  24. Metronidazole
  25. Norfloxacin
  26. Oxacillin
  27. Penicillin
  28. Valganciclovir
  29. Vancomycin



  1. Acetaminophen
  2. Acetazolamide
  3. Aspirin
  4. Calcium supplements
  5. Captopril
  6. Carbamazepine
  7. Cetirizine
  8. Chloroquine
  9. Chlorothiazide
  10. Cimetidine
  11. Clobazam
  12. Digoxin
  13. Diphenhydramine
  14. Enalapril
  15. Fexofenadine
  16. Furosemide
  17. Milrinone
  18. Morphine
  19. Neostigmine
  20. Phenobarbital
  21. Ranitidine
  22. Spironolactone
  23. Terbutaline
  24. Thiopental
  25. Verapamil
  26. Vigabatrin.


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