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Features of Marfans syndrome

It is a very common condition that can be presented in the musculoskeletal station

You may be given the patient and asked to examine

Look for the following clinical features


  • Kyphoscoliosis
  • Anterior chest wall deformity- pectus excavation/ carinatum
  • High arched palate
  • Long slender fingers (Arachnodactyly)
  • Cardiac findings- Mitral
  • valve prolapse, Aortic regurgitation


  • Tall patient above average
  • Upper segment :Lower segment is < 0.9
  • Arm span is more than the height of patient
  • Hyperextension of joints


  1. Steinberg’s sign or the thumb sign
    1. When the thumb is opposed across the palm inside the clenched hand, it extends beyond the ulnar border
  2. Walker Murdoch sign or the wrist sign
    1. When the patient wraps the wrist with the other hand, there will be overlapping of the thumb and the 5th digit

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