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  • Babies can be given a quick bath from the first week of life onwards.

  • Until then you can just clean their face and bottom regularly.

  • The idea is to wait for the umbilical cord to fall off until you give them a full bath.

  • Babies can be given a bath with any mild soap after 1 month of age when their skin matures.

Take care of keeping the water at right temperature, not leaving the baby alone and use little water each time and doing it calmly.



  • Gloves/ gown

  • Warm towels

  • Sponge to wipe baby body

  • Cotton wool

  • Clean clothes/ Nappy



  • Close all the door and windows to avoid cold drafts of air.

  • Keep all your equipment ready

  • The bath ( tub) should be filled with warm water for a few centimetres only. The idea is to avoid accidental drowning.

  • Dip your hands and check the water temperature.

  • Undress the baby and remove the nappy and wrap their body in a  warm towel exposing the face and head.

  • Now lift the baby with your non-dominant hand such that you can grip the head with your fingers and the rest of baby body lies along your arm.

  • Move the baby towards the bath and gently splash some water on the head and hair. You can cup your hands and with water wash it.

  • You can use shampoo if your child is old enough

  • Immediately dry the hair and face gently

  • Next, slip your dominant hand under their bottom and place them gently in the bath that contains a warm and little quantity of water (not to submerge them) making sure their face is always above the level of water.

  • You can cup your hands and put the water over their body and gently cleanse it.

  • Now place the baby on the warm towel and wrap them. Don’t be overconfident as wetness can cause slippage

  • Always keep the baby warm and quickly wipe the baby

  • Once dry put the clean nappies.

  • Now dress the baby.

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