Many of expectant mothers wonder about the ‘dos’ and don’ts’ in pregnancy regarding eating.

  • The aim is to take adequate calories with variety of vitamins and minerals naturally.
  • There are various phases in pregnancy where the requirements vary. For example in early  pregnancy certain vitamins are important and in later pregnancy, calories and protein become important.
  • Healthy eating ensures that your baby develops well and grows healthy


  • Healthy eating should ideally begin even before conception


  • Avoid allergens and certain foods that can transmit bacteria
  • The resistance of body in the first 3 months of pregnancy can we weak and you may need to be more precautious
  • Always wash vegetables well before consumption and avoid close contact with pets especially Cats in the first 3 months as the faeces can transmit infections like toxoplasma
  • Cook meat well and avoid raw meat

Healthy diet

  • You should aim to have variety of fruits and vegetables and have at least 5 portions of different types of them each day
  • Protein can be got from beans, lentils, milk, nuts, eggs and meat.
  • Carbohydrates can be got by ruce, cereals, bread
  • Try to limit excess sugar intake
  • It is considered adequate to have at least 4 meals in a day and snacks in between.
  • Snacks can be fruits like bananas which have high minerals and nuts, raisins, dried fruits or fresh fruits.
  • With regular snacking of fruits you may be able to control gastritis  better
  • High fruit and vegetable content also help overcome constipation by giving you higher fiber content


  • Though natural foods help get adequate nutrients, certain phases demand more nutrient
  • At Least one month before conception to 3 months after pregnancy, you may need folic acid tablets to avoid various brain malformations in your child.
  • These tablets can be taken with other folic acid rich natural foods like meat, pulses, green leafy vegetables

Morning sickness

  • Generally in the first 3 months of pregnancy you may sense vomiting sensations due to the hormonal changes in your body.
  • Most of these symptoms improve in 14 weeks time
  • If the vomiting becomes severe, you may have to see your doctor who might suggest certain medications

You can improve morning sickness symptoms by

  • Eating regular and small feeds every 2 hours
  • Avoid spicy, oily food, caffeine and tea.
  • Toast and biscuits are good as they are dry and easier digested.
  • Drink lots of water
  • Ginger containing food like biscuits, candies may help aldon with regular peppermint chewables
  • Have sufficient sleep

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