The shaft of the male genitalia(Penis) is covered by a loose skin.

Circumcision is the surgical detachment of the foreskin in the male genitalia.

This may be done because of various religious reasons and sometimes medical reasons.

Remember- The foreskin after birth may not be retractable for many years.


The operation- 

  • This should always be done under a medical professional with sterile(clean) setting

  • This procedure is performed without the need for general anaesthesia.

  • Instead, the doctor may give local anaesthesia to numb the area alone, here the baby stays alert.

  • This is a one-day procedure where the child may be admitted early that morning the operation and be discharged after observation for a few hours.



  • Occasionally the operated part may get infected. Presence of pain, redness, pus discharge from the site in presence of fever or other clinical signs should alert the parent.

  • Excess bleeding can occur, especially if the underlying bleeding problem in the child. 


Benefits of it?

  • There are studies that show that circumcised adults may have less risk of penile cancer.



  • In ability to retract the skin back in older children.(As noted earlier, in some boys until school age, the skin cannot be retracted).

  • Swelling of the region when passing urine

  • If the skin retracts and gets stuck causing pain.

  • In adolescence, if the boy has painful erections.


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