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  • The umbilical cord is cut soon after birth.

  • After its cut, the cord starts drying out and slowly detaches from the baby by 7- 10 days.

  • Never pull the cord or even touch the area with dirty hands

  • If this area gets infected, it becomes an emergency

  • You might have to do this 3- 4 times a day.

  • It is very important to keep the cord dry and clean



  • Glove/ gown

  • Galiput/ clean container

  • Sterile water

  • Cotton gauze



  • Place the baby on the baby mat.

  • Undress the baby from the feet upwards to the waist(above the umbilicus)

  • The nappy can be loosened such that the front end of the nappy is below the cord

  • Look at the cord for any signs of infection or bleed.

  • Now holding the end of the cord(the clip), gently lift the cord and clean around it with a clean cotton wool.

  • Using a fresh cotton swab, wipe the cord to dry it.leave the cord exposed and be careful while putting back the nappy.

  • It might help if you fold the front of the nappy area below the level of the cord to prevent the nappy scraping the cord.

  • Now dress the baby

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