• Is an allergic respiratory condition.
  • There is difficulty in breathing out( Imagine blowing through a straw- the narrower it gets, the more difficult it becomes.)
  • Generally runs in family. There is a history of parents or grandparents with a wheeze.
  • Breathless/ fast short breaths
  • A cough
  • Wheeze( can present as sound-like blowing through narrow tube)
This is an allergic reaction – hence avoiding allergens help to control
  • There is no permanent treatment but adequate control
  • There are various types of treatment. and regular evaluation is required by medical professionals to tailor the right treatment.
  • Visits should be at least once in 3 months( Unless urgent)
  • There are periods where child is better and certain times when its worse
  • There are triggers for worsening the wheeze
  • Identifying and avoiding these triggers(  See skin testing -below) help to control better
  • In babies, wheeze can be caused by viruses( Hence its called virus-induced wheeze)
  • Asthma is more of a clinical diagnosis assisted with some imaging/ blood test
  • Chest X-ray – Your doctor can ask for it, mainly to confirm the diagnosis and rule out other conditions.
  • Skin testing- Small amounts of allergy-causing particles are injected into the skin and the allergic reaction is noted.
  • Spirometer- child is asked to blow through a tube. Like discussed above, the severe the wheeze(narrower tube) , the less air that can be blown out.
  • House dust mites
  • Animal fur /pollen
  • Smoke/ exercise
  • Viral infections
  • Good control takes multiple visits to the doctor.
  • The treatment should be tailored(Customised) to each child
  • The treatment is done in stages(The more frequent the symptoms, the more stronger the treatment)
  • The child can be slowly weaned off the treatment and restarted when he develops first symptom( Cough/ breathlessness/ fever)
  • The first line of treatment is to reverse the narrowing of tubes in lungs so child can breathe easily.
  • Next if to prevent severe symptoms. Since it is most times an allergic reactions, the treatment focuses on using anti allergens( Steroids/ montelukast medication)
There are mostly 2 methods of treatment
  • INHALERS-The medication should reach the lungs, hence inhalers are used.
  • Oral syrups- like steroid/ anti allergens- takes longer to act but long lasting action.
Inhalers(Salbutamol or blue inhaler/ Atrovent or Ipratropium brown inhaler / steroid inhalers)
  • Very fast acting
  • Hence first line of treatment
  • Dose depending on the age( Ask your doctor)
  • Causes hyper excitability. can be given frequently – 4 hourly.
  • The doses should be gradually reduced over period of days because the symptoms can rebound otherwise
  • Child should carry this always
  • Can be given simultaneously with salbutamol
  • Ask your doctor for dose and frequency
  • Generally prescribed when child has frequent symptoms
  • Can be used for months together (like in rainy/ winter seasons where asthma gets worse)
  • Prescribed by your doctor.
  • Like oral steroids( For 3-5 days), montelukast( continued for weeks to months)
  • In hospital setting in severe conditions

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