What is Appendix?

  • The appendix is a small pouch-like organ measuring a few inches that are attached to the intestine.
  • Some believe it to be a vestigial organ( accessory pouch )
  • It briefly has no function and sometimes it gets infected( hence it is removed in severe infections)
  • Location- Right side of the abdomen (towards the lower right side). Hence the pain during infections settles in the right lower side of the abdomen.
  • Since its a pouch occasionally it can get clogged with stone, faeces. When it gets clogged the blood supply to that region is compromised. And when blood gets clogged, it is a good source for bacteria to grow. This is how it gets infected.
  • Occasionally the clogging is so severe that it bursts open. All this happens in stages. It is believed that these stages can occur over a period of 2 days and it gets worse with time.



Children can present with nonspecific symptoms like-

  • Stomach pain -it usually starts with pain in tummy( centre of abdomen)
  • Pain slowly travels to the right side
  • Since pain is severe, they can vomit, or have diarrhoea
  • This pain is known to occur early morning (not always)
  • Obviously, as the clogging worsens, the pain worsens.
  • If this gets infected then there can be fever, shivering
  • As the pain gets worse the child make walk with a limp (to prevent moving the tummy)



If the symptoms are worrisome, then see your doctor

  • Appendicitis is a clinical diagnosis. Ultrasound of abdomen occasionally helps
  • Blood tests are done to see extent of infection
  • The doctor presses the tummy and sees the response of pain. Though the pain may not be present at that time, it may develop time (remember it is a progressive disease)
  • Ultrasound- to see infection and clogging in the appendix

PRACTICALLY if appendicitis is severe, the child is pale, suffering severe pain, cannot walk and vomits holding his tummy)



  • Most children at early stages are treated with antibiotics( you don’t want children to have an operation if you can treat with antibiotics. Right? )
  • If the symptoms are severe and the doctor fears it might rupture then he will operate it ASAP. It can be done by opening the abdomen with an incision or through a scope( scope has cutting and repair tools, it is inserted in skin and through camera at end of scope, the operation is done. it’s called Laparoscopy)



NO. It is not communicable.


  • Severe pain, Pale
  • Tummy distention
  • Blue discolouration of tummy with swelling
  • Severe infection

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