How can I help control my child’s allergic condition?

  • Allergic conditions like asthma, allergic irritation of nose or allergic conditions of the eye are long-term problems that annoy children.

  • Using medications to control these symptoms may be helpful in acute conditions but is impractical to use it for several years.

  • The allergic conditions are generally made worse by irritants called ‘allergens’.

  • Methods to deal with avoiding these allergens are effective in controlling the symptoms.


How can I control allergen exposure?

  • Children tend to spend a large time indoors.

  • There are various allergens like dust, mites, cockroaches, animals which need to be avoided in susceptible children.

  • Keeping doors and windows closed for prolonged periods can lead to accumulation of these factors. Also, regular cleansing of the premises helps control symptoms.

  • Some effective measures for children’s bedrooms are:

  • Cover the beds and pillows with impermeable mite-proof covers that are available in the market. At night the cover can be removed and replaced with a fresh one.

  • Wash the bed covers, pillow covers at least once a week in hot water.

  • Vacuum the room and the furniture at least once a week.

  • Make sure the room has good ventilation to avoid accumulation of allergens over time.

  • Avoid unnecessary carpets, stuffed toys or entry of pets into your child’s room.

  • Avoid exposure to pollen which is prominent in certain seasons like spring or summer. This pollen can gain access to your child’s room through open windows.

  • Cockroaches need to be controlled by effectively storing food in tight containers and keeping the room clean and dry.

  • Moulds or fungal growth especially on the roof and walls appearing in rainy season or damp areas need to be controlled. Avoid excess humidity by using room dehumidifiers.

  • Completely avoid smoking indoors and use of wood as cooking fuel. Remember the smoke adhered to your shirt can also cause allergy in your child.

  • Wash your child’s clothes with hypoallergenic detergents.

  • Daily showering after outdoor play and regular hand washing also help minimise symptoms in your child.

  • If the symptoms are not controlled with above measure, then medications are used to acutely control the problems.

Always use above measures along with medications for better allergy management.

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